Apply user access

In principle, a valid membership with an associated membership number must be available at Swiss-Ski or a special accreditation. The user access is to be treated personally and confidentially. It is not possible to set up shared user access. The passing on of user data violates the data protection guidelines. Leaving Swiss-Ski also means that the user access is no longer valid.

Username Maximum 30 Characters
It is recommended to use the username {firstname.lastname}.
If the username is not specified, it is automatically generated.
Password 8-16 Characters
If no password set, we are automatically generated.
P-nr * Membership number with Swiss-Ski (see membership card).
Last name *
First name *
Place *
Fon *
E-mail *
A correct e-mail address is required, otherwise the user access cannot be activated.
Club *

* = Input required